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  • The Fit3D ProScanner is a non-invasive assessment technology for tracking body composition and weight loss.
  • With the use of infrared light, a camera scans and measures over 400 points on the body which is then converted into precise body measurements.
  • The Fit3D ProScanner eliminates the human error variable that can occur with traditional tape measurements and ensures accurate and consistent results.
  • Once the scan is complete users will be able to track their data online on our secure web platform.

Why Fit3D?


Posture Analysis

A deep understanding of shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body

Body Shape Wellness Scoring

Rating with an understanding of health based on where mass is within the body

3D Body Scans

Obtain a full 3D Image of your body from a simple 40 second scan.

Hundreds of Measurements

Hundreds of measurements, including circumferences, lengths, widths, and volumes



Available at Ace Aesthetics for:

  • Concerns on body weight and fat distribution

  • Regular gym goers to track their progress

  • Achieve fitness shaping goals

  • Obtain accurate measurements for tailoring



1 scan = £50  ( pay as you go)

2 scan = £85  (per year)

3 scans = £115  (per year)

Unlimited  (maximum 1 per month) = £250



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